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PlayKids is a content platform for children's development. Our way has only one rule: it has to be fun!


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We understand this world!

Our team works with world renowned early learning experts to create and select the best children's content possible.

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Stimulate development

Child development has never been so much fun! Our content interacts with children from Generation Alpha to stimulate their curiosity and excitement for learning.





Learning is fun!

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Original Content

Learning has never been so fun! PlayKids is constantly creating Original Content with catchy music, interactivity, captivating stories, fun characters and tons of ways to get kids up and moving. We create content with purpose in a way that will get kids excited about learning and discovering the world around them.


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Loved by parents

My daughter loves PlayKids, and I love it as a mother, too. I think it's very positive for a child's development. My daughter is just 1 year and 8 months old, and she can already count to 10 and also pronounce difficult words. All this thanks to PlayKids! Rosana - California

Safe and trusted environment

PlayKids was created to provide a safe space for kids to learn and have fun. We are always looking for ways to improve and give your little ones the best opportunity to learn and grow.

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We guarantee a user experience, free of hassle; no advertisements, no in app purchases, just simple and easy to use.

We are certified by kidSAFE, an international organization that assesses the safety of virtual sites and products dedicated to children.

Quality guaranteed by organizations dedicated to child education and development.

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