Babies grow up so fast that it seems like we miss something important every time we blink. Fortunately, the cameras in our phones today are more advanced than the professional equipment photographers used just a few years ago. But having great equipment doesn’t insure great photos. That’s why we’ve compiled 6 simple tips to help you capture those special moments in the best light possible, whether you’re shooting with a camera, a tablet, or phone and make it a professional-looking photos. dicas para fotografar seu filho

Photograph details

Little things mean a lot when it comes to photographing your children. Learn to see beyond the big picture to the small details that make your baby unique. For example, take close ups of their extremities like toes or fingers. The chubby folds of their legs or belly are aesthetically pleasing and also help you establish the period of their life. One extra tip: if your baby is fidgety, try photographing them when they’re asleep.

Shoot again, again, and again

A photo of your smiling child looking right at the camera is adorable. However, for distinctive pictures with a professional feel, spontaneity should be your focus. Achieving those split-second, once-in-a-lifetime images requires patience and lots of impromptu shots. Natural candid photos occur once a child has gotten over their awareness of the camera. Luckily, digital cameras and smartphones make getting these shots easier and more cost-effective than ever since they’re inconspicuous and eliminate the need to buy film. dicas para fotografar seu filho

Photograph the Family pets, too

No one can resist a good baby picture, and with the family dog or cat added, the cuteness is almost unbearable. Aside from being cute, pets bring out extra emotions that will light up your photos. Go to the park in the afternoon, or even in the back yard and just photograph your child playing with their pet and see what develops.

Make sure the fashion fits the photo

 If your child plays a team sport then wearing a jersey is appropriate. Likewise, for a christening, your child might be decked out in white, formal clothes. But when photographing your child with no specific theme in mind, pick an understated outfit to keep the focus on your child’s expressions and traits. dicas para fotografar seu filho


Most adults remember going to a studio for family portraits and waiting days for the prints. But like cassette tapes and rotary phones, this is now obsolete. Today’s in-phone cameras are more advanced than those old studio models and boast front and rear-facing cameras capable of up to 12 megapixel resolution as well as editing functions.

Consider all the angles

 It seems simple, but remember: your child is much shorter than you. So when shooting pictures, be sure to get down on their level. Squatting down, kneeling, even laying on your stomach will yield rewarding and more natural professional-looking photos of your child. After all, you’re not taking selfies, so take advantage of different angles.

Create a very beautiful environment

Professional-looking photos depends not only on the subject, but the surroundings. A clean, white background is always appealing and puts the focus squarely on the child. Colorful toys or a wall of books are pleasing as well. Consider your exterior surroundings too: parks, beaches, and playgrounds are ready-made backdrops and, best of all, you don’t have to set them up or take them down.

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