We always think to encourage our children to read a book or go outside and play, but rarely do we tell Johnny or Suzie to spend time coding on their computer. However, there are several significant reasons why parents may want to add computer time to their child’s daily routine. Below we list a few and how children can benefit from learning how to program.


Programming Teaches Logical Thinking

The language of computers is one of pure logic and, as with any language, when children learn how to speak that language, they naturally begin to think in that language as well. In other words, children’s ability to think logically will develop as a direct consequence of learning how to program. Additionally, their aptitude for logic-based subjects such as science and math will improve.

Programming Teaches Problem-Solving Skills

Anyone who codes for a living will acknowledge that problems are a part of the process. Without resolving those problems, programs will not work. Thus, children who program not only learn problem-solving skills, they develop other traits such as perseverance and creativity that will benefit them throughout life.

Programming Is A Chance To Study Human Behavior

While this may not be an obvious benefit to working with computers, a better understanding of the human condition does come from programming. This is because code is created with the ultimate goal of creating solutions to enhance human life. By thinking about what benefits there are for the end user, children become familiar with the wants and needs of others and how best to meet them.


Programming Can Be Learned At Any Age

Another advantage to programming is that it can be learned early. Unlike some activities like contact sports, programming is an activity that even very young children can learn through games and specially designed platforms.

Programming Provides Children With An Understanding Of The World Around Them

Today’s world is a computerized world. From car engines to mobile phones to even the smart boards in the classroom, a vast majority of the devices our children use are computerized. Learning how to program helps a child unlock the language that runs these devices and gives them a better sense of control and understanding of the world around them.

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