Here among us, having a child is such a responsibility! Being fully responsible for small human beings, by raising and educating them, causes many people to reflect on themselves and their own values. This happens because we adults have a fundamental role in creating more confident, empathetic, supportive, tolerant, loving, fair and happy children! And, truth be told, the world has increasingly needed this, hasn`t it?

Raising girls with more confidence and happiness

Strengthening children’s self-esteem and valuing, above all, love and respect, helps them to become better adults, and this is imperative in the creation of both boys and girls. However, considering the world we live in, with the pressures and pressures that exist on women, it is interesting to think about how parents can help our girls grow stronger, safer, more independent and more accomplished!

10 things you can do for your daughter

We bring here some simple actions that can help your little girl have a better relationship with herself and others. This will help her become a more confident and happier woman!

1. Avoid criticizing your own body in front of her

The dissatisfaction with the body is something common between men and women. This is because there is a pattern of beauty that, every now and then, we all try to frame ourselves. However, if you feel that way about your body, it is important to be careful not to show this dissatisfaction in front of your little girl. Eating well and practicing exercises are wonderful things for the health and well-being of all of us, but avoid telling her that she should do this to stay lean or pretty. Sooner or later she will come across this standard imposed on women, but with your help she can understand that she is beautiful as she is and that appearance is not everything.

2. Praise her qualities, beyond appearance

It is very common to praise girls and, later, women, for their beauty. This is not wrong, but there is so much more than that! They are intelligent, curious, caring, funny, dedicated, brave… How about trying to vary a little in praise, showing your daughter that her appearance is just a detail among the endless qualities that make her an incredible person!

3. Encourage independence and autonomy

It is important that, from an early age, you encourage and show your daughter that she can do her own things and achieve success by herself. Not that she does not need other people, but understanding that she is autonomous, independent and strong enough to achieve her own happiness and success will be very important for her to grow more confident and secure!

4. Respect Your Choices

If she prefers judo to ballet, bicycle to scooter, dolls to carts, superheroes to princesses, basketball to football, mathematics to English … Whatever her tastes and preferences, it is crucial that she can count on you to support her and encourage her to give her best in whatever she wants! Choosing this or that will not make her better or worse, nor more or less feminine.

5. Mother, be a complete person

Motherhood is a wonderful thing, but by becoming mothers, women are not limited to that role. They continue to have their own tastes, choices, hobbies, wants and dreams. It is important for you, Mom, to show your daughter that you are a complete person with all the mistakes, the right decisions, and the ambitions that this might mean. This will make her grow up knowing that being a mother does not eliminate her personality or her desires as a person.

6. Avoid overexposing your daughter to media that enforces beauty standards

Situations that reinforce beauty standards are present in the most varied contexts and it seems almost impossible to avoid them. When this happens, talk to your daughter to reflect on the standards presented and the reality of women with whom she lives or sees on the street. Also, make sure your little girl is surrounded by good references and representativeness, so she will not suffer trying to fit into something that she is not, maintaining a better and healthier relationship with her own body.

7. Prioritize comfort when choosing her clothes

In the women’s clothing ward it is common to see mini adult clothes, very bright and very pink, but not always comfortable. It is important for your child to feel good about what she is wearing so she can run and play freely, like any child. Be careful not to prioritize “prettier” clothing that may not allow her to move comfortably and freely.

8. Teach her to say no

Knowing and respecting your limits is fundamental to a more balanced and happy life. Many women are burdened with the mission of caring for everything and everyone alone, accepting more than their body and mind can stand, or even subjecting themselves to situations that do not match their values ​​and desires for fear of saying no. Teach your little one about responsibility and commitment, but make it clear that she is not required to do what she does not want, that she can verbalize her wants and limits and that they need to be respected.

9. Divide homework fairly

Children can and should help with household chores as this helps them to develop a sense of independence, responsibility and respect. This is for boys and girls. It is therefore important for parents to share tasks equally, taking into account age, of course, but not the sex of the children. Everyone can collaborate to make the home more organized and pleasant, after all, everyone lives in it!

10. Let her realize how special she is

In the end, the important thing is that your little one understands, from an early age, its value and how much it is a special person, with all its qualities and defects. Self-esteem is something built on a day-to-day basis and you can collaborate – and a lot – to grow and become a more confident, secure and fulfilled woman. This, of course, will help her to relate better to herself, having a more sensitive, empathetic, and gentle posture with the people around her.

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