Play is the work of the child
(Maria Montessori)

Playing is more than a moment of fun and relaxation. It is the moment when children develop, learn, take risks, explore, and discover both themselves and the world around them.

Therefore, playing is fundamental to life and the development of kids. Is there something better than learning while also having fun?

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Now we agree that playing is important, right? But, then, what do children learn while playing?

1. Expressing feelings and emotions

2. Imagining, making-believe, and creating

3. Developing attention, concentration, and logic

4. Giving meaning and representing what they experience and how they see the world

5. Organizing their thoughts

6. Improving knowledge of words and language acquisition

7. Thinking and anticipating when making decisions

8. Comprehending and abiding by rules

9. Gaining body awareness

10. Learning self-control

11. Knowing their limits and potentialities

12. Improving fine motor skills

13. Learning about overcoming odds and the importance of facing challenges

14. Respecting others and themselves

15. Cooperating and sharing

16. Dealing with frustration

17. Developing empathy and resilience

18. Socialization

19. Negotiation

20. Sharing tasks and roles

21. Experimenting different ways of acting

22. Facing fears

23. Learning about the social world and emotions felt in different relationships

24. Exploring creativity

25. Working on sensibility and communication

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