If we were to add everything we learned and what our kids learn from the teachers the list would be gigantic. These are lessons ranging from the disciplines of the college to the teachings we keep for our entire lives. With that in mind, we gathered together 5 life lessons that we have learned from our teachers and today they pass on to our little ones.

1. Respect comes first

Schools are small representations of the society in which we live and every day our children have the opportunity to meet other children with different cultures, values, types of creation and personality. This is one of the richest things about school life: to perceive, accept and respect what is different from us. That is why teachers always insist on respect and tolerance, that is how they help us to prepare more respectful children and aware citizens for the world.

2. Patience is essential

Even with our children, sometimes we have to count to ten to keep our patience. Now imagine a classroom with several children with different personalities and needs and all demanding your attention at the same time … Attending each one at a time, teachers show that patience is a necessary trait, since we need to learn to have patience with our surroundings and also to be patient when we have to wait our turn for something.

3. We learn much more when we play

When our kids are at school they have time for everything, playing included! Teachers show children and adults that through play and playfulness, children can learn complex things.

4. Education goes beyond school

The classroom teaches a lot and there are teachers every day to guide this learning process. They also teach that many of life’s essential things happen outside of school. With these teachers we learn life lessons that help us make decisions, have empathy and responsibility about what we do or talk about.

5. Together we can go further

These are jokes, activities, group games. In the classroom we are encouraged to develop in a group. And then we take that lesson to our work, family, and friends. We learn that we walk alone but together we can go further!

For all teachers, our ever-deep respect, admiration and thanks!

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