Kids learn in the kitchen and that is a fact. Much more than a day-to-day chore, cooking is an act of care and love! Choosing a dish, separating ingredients (if it is from a home garden, even better!) and preparing the meal are things that may seem routine, but are true rituals of caring for those we love. In addition, it is preparing and tasting the meals that many families can, even today, take a break in everyday rush to talk about their day and life itself.

6 things kids learn in the kitchen

When we include kids in the delicious task of cooking, we provide them many teahcings as well as great family moments. After all, kids learn in the kitchen a lot more than recipes! Helping to prepare meals, among other things, stimulates curiosity, creativity and the autonomy of children. Check out some of the lessons the kitchen can provide to children:

1. Awakens the taste for cooking

Like other habits, when children at early age are helping in the kitchen, they develop a greater interest in cooking. Of course, the ideal is that everything happens naturally and quietly, respecting the age of the kids. This taste for cooking can be very positive for your child in the future and even during childhood.

2. Stimulates a healthier diet

This goes for both adults and children! When we prepare our own meals, we pay more attention to what we eat. So, cooking with children will teach them about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, stimulating the taste for fruits, vegetables, vegetables and colorful dishes!

3. Teaches notions of weight, measure and chemistry

When preparing recipes, especially cakes, breads and pasta, children can have a more tangible and practical contact with notions they learn at school, such as weight, quantities, measures and chemical mixtures!

4. Stimulates autonomy and responsibility

By learning to cook their own meals – from the simplest to the most complex ones – kids learn to get by on their own, stimulating responsibility and autonomy, realizing that they can do things for themselves and that parents rely on them for so much. In addition, by helping out in the kitchen, children realize how hard it can be to prepare a family meal, valuing this work more than even some adults.

5. Teaches about hygiene and care

Along with responsibility and autonomy, kids also learn the importance of thoroughly cleaning their hands and food before preparing them, thus awakening the notion of caring for others and themselves.

6. Provides delicious and fun family moments!

There are many things that kids can learn in a few minutes or hours in the kitchen, right? But for all this to happen in a quiet and delicious way, the moments of children in the kitchen must be permeated with much affection, fun and joy. After all, cooking can bring delicious moments between parents and children!

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