Music is a great ally for literacy and helps kids to awaken a wide variety of feelings, especially the positive ones. No wonder children’s songs are so popular and catchy.

Children are born willing to speak and understand their native language, and it is no different with musicality. What we should do, in the case of children’s songs, is to encourage the practice of listening to it and absorbing all the benefits it offers. But you know what they are?

Check out these 4 benefits of children’s songs:

1. Creativity

Music is contagious. And, more than that, it stimulates children’s brains to move, to sing and, above all, to enjoy the moment. It is with this constant practice that the baby or child awakens the most varied feelings and thus manifests his creative side.

2. Body Expression as Therapy

Professionals say that music is a great ally for patients with a variety of pathologies, such as autism, lack of attention, depression or, in milder cases, stress and even abdominal pain. The melodies have a power to bring various sensations to the brain, and one of them is calmness.

3. Language development

Each letter is stored within the child’s memory and is later identified and reproduced in daily life. Even if the lyrics have few words, they will be used over time to form phrases. Diction, for example, is also developed. Music is a great ally to aid in pronunciation of words, and also helps to improve the breathing and intonation of the voice.

4. Communication

Communication is a consequence of language development. The singing develops the speech skills, contributing to the communication with other children.

A cartoon that uses children’s songs to entertain and teach kids

Literacy is an extremely important process, and promoting different activities is a good way to obtain better results. At the PlayKids App you can find a great set of songs, the Super Simple Songs. Each one is a class on its own; kids learn various things while getting acquainted with music itself. Check them out!