There is no doubt that every mother loves to spend time with her children. Reading and playing together, taking care, helping with school activities, talking, watching them grow and overcome small and big challenges … Everything is a delight and very rewarding! However, every mother knows that it is a 24/7 job, isn’t it?

Although some fathers and mothers share an equal part in child-rearing, in most cases a great part of it is still in the hands of the women alone. Sometimes they even work in what is known as double shifts to take care of everything. And that is no small deed.

Packing the kids’ backpacks, making lunch, taking care of the house, preparing the clothes, checking schedules, taking to and bringing them from school, washing uniforms, waking up and putting to sleep … The list is huge and, here among us, as much as doing it is a pleasurable activity, sometimes the desire is to just stay in bed all day and not to worry aout a thing… In other words, take a vacation.

This is natural. After all, along with all the delights of being a mother, the routine with children can also cause anxiety and stress, especially when simple things like taking a longer bath, drying the hair, making a whole meal without interruption or going to the bathroom wirh closed doors become rare moments.

Diseases are signs of abandonment of oneself

Of course, when caring for the baby, there is little or no time left for mothers themselves. Changes in the family and household routine, and the constant demands of the little one cause women to devote all their time and energy to the child. This is normal and expected. But as time goes by, things get organized again and the child gradually gains more autonomy. Mothers slowly feel the need to look at themselves again. At this moment, it is important to respond to this call, because tiredness can become exhaustion, stress, anxiety and even physical problems. This happens when the woman does not respect her limits and takes care of herself a little too.

The truth is, although it is difficult (to understand or to realize), mothers also need vacations!

All moms need a vacation!

And when we say vacation, we’re not talking about school holidays, where you try to take a few days to care for and spend more time with the kids. We’re talking about time for yourself!

Of course not always (or rather, almost never!) it is possible to be absent from home for much more than days or hours. Sometimes money is short, obligations are many and mothers lack support. But calm down, that is just fine! Even if in the ideal world, women could leave kids with their fathers or grandparents for two or three days in order to travel, relax, walk and take care of themselves, we know that things are not always so simple – which also should not stop you from trying, right?

But when we say that moms need a vacation, we are talking about the importance of a time just for themselves, so they can do what they like, on their own. Anything is valid! A Sunday in the woods, a day at the spa, a few days off traveling, a Saturday with friends, a night at a party or even an afternoon alone at home, reading, listening to loud music, watching movies, marathon series. The important thing is doing what makes you happy in your own time.

Thus, mothers recharge their energies and return to child caring with more happiness, willingness and enthusiasm!

Is that your case? What would you do if you had an afternoon or an entire day just for you?

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