The PlayKids original content Moo and Zedford: Explorers of the Universe, available on the App, is earning it’s spot in the sun. With fun animations, lots of color, adventure and good humor, the series takes children to travel and to discover the most diverse cultures, places and times.

In this post, you will know a little of what happens behind the scenes of this delicious production. You will witness how it brings the cultural diversity in every detail, from the script to the songs. Let’s know more about the construction of the soundtrack of the episodes of Moo and Zedford: Explorers of the Universe?

Making the soundtrack of Moo and Zedford: a true cultural journey

In each episode of the series, not-so-little Moo and her inseparable companion Zedford will hit a new destination: it may be China, Outer Space or even a Valley full of Dinosaurs! The trips are full of humor and adventure for kids and the adults!

Since the characters do not have speech, the soundtrack and sounds are important characteristics for the construction of the stories. Each track was composed for each episode and was produced with great care, emphasizing the culture of each place visited and contributing to the experience of the episode.

For the making of the music, characteristic musical instruments from each country are used and even sounds of animals that live in these places eventually pop up.

Inside the sounds of the Amazon with Moo and Zedford

In the episode “Adventure in the Amazon”, the song lyrics are composed by words in Tupi and the ambiance was created with the sounds of birds that inhabit the Amazon Rainforest.

In this adventure in the forest, in contact with the flora, fauna and the tribe of the indian girl Anahí, image and sound work together to create an atmosphere of natural richness. There you’ll feel colors, life and culture! Check out the making of this episode here:

Culture and diversity

In this way, as well as having fun and getting excited about new adventures of Moo and Zedford, kids have contact with various places and important elements of their cultures, such as clothes, habits, symbols and music! The benefits of this are various. The widening the world view, knowing different cultures, developing socio-emotional aspects such as empathy and respect and much more.

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