Have you ever heard of short films? They are cinema stories told in a very small space of time. And children’s shorts films? You probably have. For years all the great animations of Pixar studios have had a little story before the main movie. These are great examples of short animated films for children.

The drawings with familiar characters, familiar scenarios and ways of storytelling that we love leave. In their place, there are different stories, full of textures and new colors, with worlds sometimes so simple, but also so complex. All, however, with a common trait: they exist for a single story only.

Some kids may find these stories a bit strange, why do they begin and end right there, so quickly? Some stories almost ask for a continuation, while others seem to be just beginning. Why did this happen? Who is this character? Where did they all go? The magic of these short animated films for children is precisely not needing such explanations. It is up to the children to invent it, filling each of these gaps with their own creativity.

There is neither right nor wrong. There is only what each one feels within and seeks to continue these stories. Or not to continue, either. After all, not every story needs more explanations, does it?

The Shorts Wagon brings short animated films to children’s delight!

Thinking of these incredible possibilities provided by some very high quality productions, the PlayKids App launched the Shorts Wagon, a selection of french animation short films. Each of these stories is very special and has the potential to make any kid get out of the rut and contemplate aspects of life that may have gone unnoticed up until then.

Check out the 5 children’s shorts that are already available on the Shorts Wagon:

1. November

Autumn has set in by the banks os a stream. A series of small animals busy themselves in preparation for the long winter ahead.

2. The one who tamed the clouds

At the top of a canyon the old Indian Flying Shadow teaches the young Nayati the ancient art of smoke signals. This is the meeting of two opposite characters. The boy’s hyperactivity upsets the calm of the old shaman soon causing disaster.

3. The Little Blond Boy with a White Sheep

School is back in session. During a writing test, little Pierre manages to escape the greyness of his school by plunging headlong into the happy memories of his holidays spent in the company of his faithful sheep.

4. Nebula

In a forest in the moutains, a little girl makes a mysterious encounter that looks just like a dream.

5. Two friends

Two friends, a caterpillar and a tadpole, grow up in two different environments. How long can this unusual friendship last?

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