Often responsible for warning and announcing pregnancy, nausea is very common during pregnancy. Starting usually at week 4 and continuing through to late pregnancy, this is a classic, normal symptom in the lives of most expectant mothers at different intensities. And they will look for every miracle tip and prescription to reduce morning sickness.

Why does nausea happen?

First, it is important to understand that during pregnancy the woman’s body undergoes many changes: hormonal changes increase the concentration of acid in the stomach and make digestion slower, the growth of the uterus pushes the stomach upward, causing the throat to burn, and stress and fear also contribute to sickness.

But how to reduce morning sickness?

So even if there is no miracle recipe or magic formula that ends once and for all with the malaise of pregnant women, we have brought here 8 tips that can help you if you are going through this moment (remembering that if the symptom persists in high intensity, it is important to consult your doctor). Check out:

1. Avoid strong smells or foods.

During pregnancy, women tend to be more sensitive to flavors and odors, so avoid as much as possible smells and foods with very strong odors that may or have already caused nausea.

2. Prefer the consumption of foods that are colder and less tempered.

Opt for light foods, not too spicy and at room temperature, or cold, so they exude less odor and cause less malaise.

3. Leave a wafer, snack or salt water always with the hand to swallow when you wake up.

When you wake up in the morning, eat some light food and wait for 20 or 30 minutes, then get out of bed.

4. Make small meals every 3 hours.

An empty stomach worsens nausea, so avoid spending too many hours without eating. Eat with short, regular intervals, whether it’s a fruit or a cereal bar.

5. Include ginger in the food.

Eating a small piece of ginger or sucking ginger bullets helps at the time of digestion, decreasing the irritation of the stomach wall.

6. Stay hydrated.

Water is always the best remedy! Drink water from time to time, but avoid drinking liquids during meals.

7. Practice exercises according to medical indication.

Moving around is always good, collaborating with the quality of life and well being. And that would not be different during pregnancy. But it is worth remembering that it is important to consult your doctor.

8. Smell lemon or have a lemon popsicle.

Lemon can reduce morning sickness. So a tip is to take iced tea with lemon, put lemon slices in the sparkling water, suck a popsicle or, even, smell the lemon.

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