Why PlayKids?
Because learning is fun

“The PlayKids experience is aimed at integral child development. Its design and activities allow for an inviting and creative environment, in which the child is the protagonist of the discovery process.”

Nathalia Pontes, MA in Education and PlayKids App coordinator

How do we work with learning?

Michael Cohen, who participated in Sesame Street, Pocoyo, and Barney productions, gave us pedagogical advice on content selection and production. All PlayKids content is handpicked to promote children’s development in three key areas:

Interpersonal axis

Live with other people in harmony and be respectful and understanding.
Friends playing together in a respectful way

Intrapersonal axis

Learn about themselves, their bodies, emotions, and feelings.
Junior and his many different emotions

Cognitive axis

Understand how the world works, from nature to technology and society
Characters playing with everyday things

PlayKids has global recognition!

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Parents’ Choice Awards:

Recognition of innovative, skillfully produced and fairly priced children’s products.
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KOKOA - Education Alliance Finland:

Product certification based on the global quality standard in educatio


We are part of the lives of 80+ million families all over the world! See what they say about us.

David’s mom

A great option to help during tough times but with quality content and variety.

Mauricio, dad

We found out about PlayKids when our first son, Gustavo, was about two years old. Then Felipe came along and followed in his brother’s footsteps. I’m grateful to PlayKids for the educational and fun entertainment it gives to my children!

Malu's mom

Congratulations PlayKids for making these tough times so much better for children. I did the ‘PlayKids against the Coronavirus’ activity and everyone loved it. A simple and practical way to teach children. I love you!!!
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