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How do trains move and who drives them, where do garbage collectors take our trash, what kind of tools do you use to unclog a sink? It’s Junior’s curiosity and wonder of the world that launches him into an “Imagination Destination” adventure each episode. But Junior isn’t the only one who’s curiosity leads to discovery. His very close friends, Theo, Kate, Mimi and his little brother, Lupi, also enjoy solving these common questions that little kids love to ask.

Say hello to SuperHands! He’s the hands with a plan and he’s excited to show your little ones all the amazing things you can make with simple, easy to find arts and crafts.There’s no telling what this silly guy will come up with next. Could it be a little bird puppet that fits on your finger or could it be a toy robot that balances on a pencil. Your guess is good as mine!

The “I love to Learn” series from PlayKids is here to save the day! Your little ones will have a blast while they sing, dance, laugh and learn, all at the same time. Each episode covers a different learning topic that helps preschoolers discover and understand the world around them; creating a strong educational foundation for that big leap into kindergarten!

There’s so many ways to teach your little ones their ABC’s, but PlayKids believes it’s best done through stimulating, engaging and entertaining musical sing-a-longs. The ABC series from PlayKids features brand new original songs and characters that help preschoolers remember and recognize the sound and shape of each letter by showing them how the ABC’s are apart every day life. With catchy melodies and easy to recite lyrics, your preschoolers will be singing about their favorite letters all day long.

The “Animal Songs” series form PlayKids was developed to help you teach social/emotional skills to your preschoolers in a way that they can understand and remember. This aspect of childhood development is becoming more and more important as parents and educators observe that the strength and range of a child’s social/emotional skill set is directly correlated with their long-term academic success.

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“PlayKids original content is created to make kids laugh, but we also want them to learn. We work hard to develop songs, stories and characters that parents enjoy as much as their children do.”

Michael Bruza

Head of Original Content at PlayKids
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