Animal Songs by PlayKids

Teach social/emotional skills to your preschoolers

The “Animal Songs” series from PlayKids was developed to help you teach social/emotional skills to your preschoolers in a way that they can understand and remember. This aspect of childhood development is becoming more and more important as parents and educators observe that the strength and range of a child’s social/emotional skill set is directly correlated with their long-term academic success.

Learning how to keep you hands to yourself, wait in line, share with others, take turns, be polite, tell the truth, and that you shouldn’t give up when something seems to hard to finish are just a few social/emotional skills that every toddler and preschooler should be introduced to before they start kindergarten. For many kindergarten teachers, getting a child caught up on their ABC’s and 123’s is simple and expected for many of their new students. However, when a child enters kindergarten without strong social/emotional skills, their academic learning can be slowed if not stopped completely. With this in mind, the “Animal Songs” series was created to introduce your young ones to many of these social skills. The series also serves as a catalyst and reminder to you, their parents, that it’s important to help teach them about these critical life lessons.

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