Say hello to Superhands! He’s the hands with a plan and he’s excited to show your little ones all the amazing things you can make with simple, easy to find arts and crafts. There’s no telling what this silly guy will come up with next. Could it be a little bird puppet that fits on your finger or could it be a toy robot that balances on a pencil. Your guess is good as mine! One things for sure, your kids are going to go bananas over all the cool things they are going to learn how to build with Superhands.

Superhands places the best DIY arts and crafts straight in your little ones hands! This show provides step by step instructions for fun and inventive projects that your little ones can use to pass the time and learn how to build with their imagination. For preschoolers, it’s important to stimulate their development with activities that teach them how to follow directions and encourage a do-it yourself attitude. PlayKids is very proud of Superhands and the impact it has on our little viewers. By completing projects, even with an adult, kids are able to experience the excitement and gratification of accomplishing tasks such as building a clothespin alligator or creating their very own marble maze. By introducing them to this way of thinking at an early age, they will develop a high level of confidence for every other aspect of their lives.

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